design and installation

Mosqito Guy designs and installs premier MistAway™ Insect Misting Systems

for all of our residential and retail customers. Mosquito Guy is well versed and

formally educated through MistAway™ in mosquito biology and insect control,

system layouts, installation techniques, equipment engineering and

trouble-shooting, insecticide management and responsible practices through MistAway™.

With over a decade of design and installation experience, Mosquito Guy will

work around your specific needs. Our professional, highly trained staff are

happy to provide a no cost estimate for your home or commercial location.

For mosquito bite prevention and insect deterrent at your home or business Mosquito Guy Automated Insect Misting Systems are a perfect solution. Our systems use extracts from mosquito repellent plants that act as an insect deterrent and are great for mosquito bite prevention.


Enjoy bug free & screen free outdoor living with automated mosquito misting systems.

Mosquito bite prevention and insect deterrent without mosquito repellent plants.


Keep your customers happy with an insect or cooling misting system on your property.

Bug bite deterrent will keep your customers coming back.


Fly control misting systems
prevent the spread of disease
and stress to animals.

Our systems act as a bug bite deterrent and repel mosquitoes that carry diseases to your livestock.

Insect misting systems act as an insect deterrent and repels mosquitoes. As a bug bite deterrent, mosquito repellent plants have a limited effect.