Automated Misting Systems

Enjoy your outdoor activities again without mosquitoes, no-see-ums or other biting insects with an Automated Insect Misting System.  Mosquito Guy designs and installs maintenance-free, fully automated insect misting systems that distribute an earth friendly, pet approved, botanical solution. This product is deadly to insects, but not to people and pets! Insect mosquito protection for your home.

Our Automated Insect Misting Systems provide
4 key features and benefits:

Automated misting systems
maintenance free equipment

An automated digital timer and pumping system automatically protects your
outdoor living spaces. The system sprays 2-4 times a day depending on your
needs and controls mosquitoes,
insects and spiders effortlessly day and night.
Used as an insect repeler and for mosquito bite prevention, our systems create a barrier of protection.

Design and Installation

We custom design and install an insect barrier perimeter around your home
to accommodate each customers individual needs. Our goal is to effectively
protect your family while keeping the system as inconspicuous as possible
 to retain the beauty of your home. By using slimline nozzles our custom
systems blend in to the eaves of your home, landscape or fence. Our product
is fully biodegradable and breaks down in air and sunlight. Insect bite deterrent aren't always effective in mosquito bite prevention. Our systems use an earth friendly product that has been proven as an insect repeler around the world.

Quality vs Quantity
Our automated insect misting system designs enable the most efficient
coverage area with the least amount of solution. Repel mosquitoes and use our biodegradeable insect bite deterrent to protect your family.

Control is in Your Hands

The Mosquito Guy phone app remote control gives you the ability to manually
mist on demand when desired. At the push of a button, you can rid your backyard of insect and mosquito issues

Automated Insect Misting Systems - More Than Just Mosquito Control

With the correct design and arrangement of the nozzles, our systems will effectively control almost any insect problem. EnjoyBug Free Outdoor Living and learn more about Insect and Spider Control with Mosquito Guy! If insects and mosquitoes are invading your home it is time to act. Insect repelers only work on an individual. To ensure mosquito bite prevention for family and pets you need a barrier of protection around your entire home.


Mosquito prevention at your home.

Insect removal from your backyard.

Use our insect mosquito misting systems to protect your home.

Our insect bite deterrent systems exterminate insect mosquitoes, spiders and all insects with an exoskeleton.If you are having dificulty batteling insects, spiders ans mosquitoes at your home call us for a no-cost setimate! Insect mosquito or spider bites can be deadly!