Earth Friendly Products

Earth Friendly

Mosquito Guy uses environmentally friendly products in our automated insect

misting systems called Pyrethrum. Pryethrum is a natural, water based, botanical insecticide that has several major advantages over chemically synthesized

insecticides including its rapid breakdown in the environment and its lack of insect resistance. Using our insect misting systems ensures mosquito bite prevention and acts as an insect deterrent.

mosquito guy specializes in insect misting system that act as an insect deterrent and repel mosquitoes

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Pyrethrins are one of the most widely used insecticides in today’s flea and tick
products and have been used as insecticides for over 100 years. This is because Pyrethrins have low toxicity to mammals, because mammals can metabolize the chemicals. A bug  bite deterrent like pyrethrin can repel mosquitoes when spread as a fine mist through an insect misting system.

Not only has Pyrethrum been EPA registered for over 3 decades, it is the model

that scientists have used to create several synthetic insecticides. The reason is

not fully understood, but insects do not become resistant to natural Pyrethrum

and after decades of use, no insect population has ever developed significant

Pyrethrum resistance. Insect misting stystem are safe to use for mosquito bite prevention and insect deterrent.


Pyrethrum protects your family, pets, and yard from mosquitoes and other

annoying insects in four ways:

Fast Knockdown and Kill - Pyrethrum affects an insects central nervous
causing almost immediate knockdown of flying insects, that acts as a but bite deterrent

Jamming - Small, residual amounts of Pyrethrum cause female mosquito 
stop seeking blood meals

Activation - In small amounts, Pyrethrum stimulates the insects to flush them
their hiding places, causing them to come into contact with higher
concentrations increasing the knockdown-and-kill effect

Avoidance - Even in the smallest amounts of Pyrethrum making insects to flee
the area and repel mosquitoes

mosquito insect misting systems are used as a bug bite deterrent and used to repel mosquitoes in homes. By thinking ahead about mosquito bite prevention you could be keeping your family safe from uncomfortable, itch welts. Our environmentally friendly bug bite deterrent is made from chrysanthemums. If you are looking for bug bite deterrent, mosquito bite prevention, to repel mosquitoes, or an insect deterrent an insect misting system is exactly what you need!